Accelerate Your Business

Get unstuck and push ideas forward with facilitated Acceleration Workshops customized to solve your unique business challenges.
1 Design Challenge
2 FreshForm Experts
5 Days
8 Team Members
Up to 30 Working Hours
Unlimited Possibilities

Rapid Problem Solving

Our Acceleration Workshops combine the principles of Lean UX, Agile, Design Thinking, and the popular Google Ventures Design Sprint into a series of sessions designed to deliver tested, innovative ideas within one week.

Identify Opportunities

Whether entering a new market or experiencing accelerated growth, gain confidence in where to take your business next.

Mitigate Risk

Before investing in a new product or feature, confirm the desirability, viability and feasibility through early collaboration with your stakeholders.

Prevent Roadblocks

If a pivot is needed to reset your business, uncover the real problem, ideate potential solutions, and quickly test ideas.

How It Works

Gain momentum with up to five design-thinking intervals, in five days or less.

Behind the Scenes 1


  • Determine the design challenge.
  • Map out the customer experience.
  • List opportunities and group themes.
Behind the Scenes 2


  • Share inspiration and abstract ideas.
  • Sketch out concrete solutions.
  • Storyboard the initial concept.
Behind the Scenes 3


  • Discuss and decide which solutions to test.
  • Determine prototyping approach.
  • Storyboard the step-by-step journey.
Behind the Scenes 4


  • Select the tools for a quick, flexible output.
  • Rapidly craft a real working prototype.
  • Prepare and run through the testing script.
Behind the Scenes 5


  • Set up research structure and flow.
  • Gather feedback from real customers.
  • Identify patterns observed in interviews.
1-Day | Audit the journey and distill research.
2-Day | Achieve alignment on an idea to pursue.
3-Day | Refine the concept for a clear vision forward.
5-Day | Validate the solution by testing the prototype with your customers.

Meet Our Workshop Facilitators.

Workshop Facilitators 1
Scott Robinson
Workshop Facilitators 2
James White
Workshop Facilitators 3
Michelle Peck
Workshop Facilitators 4
Bob Zucco
Workshop Facilitators 5
Abey Tidwell

Partnering for Success

We’ll be there to educate your team and prepare the toolkit needed from the initial planning to the final report.


Scheduled meetings and dry runs with a single point-of-contact ensure expectations are met.

What you get
  • Planning Session
  • Communication Toolkit
  • Space / Supplies Coordination

Bring a problem to solve and 5-8 subject matter experts from your team, and we’ll provide the rest.

What you get
  • Design Thinking Experts
  • Guided Facilitation
  • Workshop Documentation

After the debrief, we’ll summarize the output into a single report so you have a clear plan of action.

What you get
  • Event Survey / Debrief
  • Photos / Documentation
  • Executive Insights Report

Brands we've worked with...

Texas A&M University
Unified Port of San Diego
North Island Credit Union